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Money in Advance

Money in Advance is a monthly payday lender that is active through the address. This brand may not be recognisable to many, but they have actually been trading since back in 2005 that shows that they gathered plenty of industry experience. For everyone applying for the first time a choice of sums between £50 and £400 will be offered. When trust has been built, it would be possible to receive £1000 from them. On their calculator a range of repayment dates can be selected that fits in with when the applicant is next paid. Regardless of which day is selected there is always a 30% interest charge.

This creates £30 per £100, but this is also joined by a £5 fast transmission fee that is subtracted from the amount transferred. 30% itself is a good charge, but this fast transfer fee does stand as a product limitation. After being funded, these Money in Advance loans can be securely managed online through This lender does a good job of clearly explaining their service in detail. They are open between Monday and Friday with listed times of 8am until 5.30pm. Just to add that you must get that application in to them before the deadline of 5pm to receive same day cash.

From glancing through the eligibility criteria listing, it is clear that they are one of the more stricter lenders across the sector today. This is clear from each qualifying customer having to be aged at 21 or above and they must also be earning £1250 after tax each month. BCCA and CCTA memberships are held by them that shows that this is a responsible payday lender. This experienced loan provider has developed a good overall service here that ticks all the boxes in the important areas. They are more strict than most though, with £1250 being higher than what most lenders usually ask for from their applicants.