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MiniCashLoans is the sister-brand of the popular short term loan brand MiniCredit. The site contains the heading of being an authorised affiliate of the company, but this website was created by the same owner (Microcredit Ltd). Much of the content here refers back to MC with this appearing to just be a backup project that never really took off (at least not to the extent of the central one). On the homepage the term range displays between 1 and 42 days. However, if you click on to the “About Us” page you’ll see another calculator whereby you can select between 1 and 90 days.

As an update, although up to 90 can still be selected, the application form limits the repayment to around the month only. It was these added instalment terms that helped to differentiate MiniCashLoans back then. The same cash sums can be received, at first from £100 to £400 and the giant sum of £1500 is there for return clients. This website heads the 2008 starting year, but this refers to the formation of MiniCredit with this site being created later in 2010. You are handed with a login at and this is SSL secured. The same daily interest rate is set at 1.3%.

This when joined with the transfer fee (at £19.50) for £100 over 7 and 30 days would be £28.60 and £58.50. It would be assumed that the available promo code would be the same one as with the main brand (this has now expired). The same trading hours are in place. These have recently changed with them closing down on a Sunday. The new times include Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm and Saturday is 9am to 5pm. In general, there isn’t much added incentive to apply through this website, especially now that only up to a month can be selected across each of them.