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IDosh was a payday loan provider at that was owned by Cashfoundry Ltd who were based in Harrogate. This company had launched back in the year 2012, although their time active was short lived and the service was closed down without any notice. They did run some social brand pages that were starting to become inactive throughout the later stages of 2012 and so this was a sign that things weren’t going too well for them. They then closed a few months into 2013. During the period that they were serving loans they had become quite a popular name, although this has now faded.

To run through their product details that were in place, they did offer £100 to £400 to every new customer and £1000 was possible to return customers. Although you could pick out a specific repayment date, this surrounded the time of your next payday and so a full charge was always required. This cost for interest was set at 30% (£30 per £100) and there was also a fee of £5.50 that had to be paid to cover the transfer. With these charges combined, this overall cost did sit above the market average that would have made it difficult for them to stand out in this crowded industry.

The IDosh loans could be controlled swiftly through the login facility at that was designed well and included SSL. The reviews back then showed lots of positive feedback and this was a respectable company that did hold a BCCA member place. The times in which funding could be received was limited since they closed at the weekend. This was the only company competing in this sector from Cashfoundry. What happened to trigger their exit is unclear, but as always you have to consider fierce competition being enough to tip smaller companies like this over the edge into a position whereby they can no longer function.