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Filarum provides short term loans across Poland through This is a brand belonging to Rapid Finance Polska Sp. z o.o. who are also the team behind Soho Credit who were previously introduced. As the case with that brand, you can also receive the first loan here at 0%. This can be taken from 100 to 500 zł with the repayment span being 1 to 30 days. Existing customers can access higher limits with 2500 being the top sum after you have used them several times. After this 0% trial period the pricing per 500 would be 45.82 over 7 days or 140.54 over 30.

These pricing examples work out more expensive than the returning costs in place at Soho. Several banks are listed by them and if yours is on this list then you can benefit from speedy fast funding within the hour. This payment needs to be initially triggered with a payment of 0.01 that will later be credited to you. All Polish residents must be aged between 21 and 70 to qualify. Once approved, these Filarum Polska loans can be managed at any time through In the case that an extension needs to be made then this can be done over the periods of 7, 14 or 30.

They have a dedicated page covering extensions that is where they would be looking to generate profits in light of the 0% periods. It is unknown when this company launched, but our best estimate would be 2013 and so if this is the case then they have progressed well in the little time that they have been active. Trading times of 7am to 11pm are listed, but the days of operation are not displayed. The popular comparison website (Finmarket PL) did highlight that this was Monday to Sunday. Further to this, the owner operates daily at Soho Credit and so weekend coverage would also be expected to be in place here.