Easy Logbook Loans @ www.easylogbookloans.tv

Easy Logbook Loans

Easy Logbook Loans (part of Christian Gachet) has been active through www.easylogbookloans.tv since back in 2011. This isn’t a particularly popular lender at this time (through a lack of advertising), but they recently updated their pricing to match that of Varooma, who happened to be the cheapest firm around before this. This was a savvy move that has created a highly competitive service. They head up sums of £500 up to £5000 with a term range spanning from 12 to 36 months. Their payment calculator does stretch to £10,000 though and the repayment selections start from 6 months and so these improved specs may be available.

They do reference that all customers can repay early and so this will save on interest. With the new charge in place, a £1000 loan per year now just costs £700.04. Varooma is the same, but everyone else within this sector is some way behind. There is no SSL used at www.easylogbookloans.tv, although only a few details have to be thrown in since the full application is taken over the phone. This extends to a visit, when they will send out a representatives to your home to complete all of the paperwork. All being well, a same day bank transfer can be made there are then.

To qualify with Easy Logbook Loans, an applicant must reside in England, Scotland or Wales and they must also be aged above 21. Bank statements or wage slips dating back 3 months are required here. The opening times are not presented anywhere on the website and so do expect standard business hours across Monday to Friday to be in place. I couldn’t spot any reviews across the web for this lender and they don’t do social, but they are trusted and have took on CCTA membership. They do accept bad credit and they do not credit check. If you are self-employed then this is also not an issue.