Cashub and Payday Lady

Payday Lady

Cashub and Payday Lady are monthly broker brands that were each launched in 2012 by Sigma Capital Solutions Ltd. These companies share a similar level of popularity and are usually spotted advertised on a range of payday review sites. If we begin with Cashub loans that are available through the address of, here they head sums of £80 up to £500. A sample £25 per £100 charge is displayed. They don’t disclose any info surrounding which lenders they send their applicants on to. It would be likely that a pingtree service is used by them. Fast cash is headed (including funding on weekends).

With this in mind, it would be likely that lenders like QuickQuid are attached to their panel. When you do fill in an application this form is encrypted that is always important to see. They interestingly also have a login facility integrated as well that is rare to see from a broker in this particular sector. Moving on to the Payday Lady loans, this service is often branded as PaydayLady although most of the company searches are made as they are typed here. This is the most popular company of the two and more attention has been applied towards both the content and the design of this particular brand.

This company is not to be confused with Money Gap Group’s massively popular Cash Lady brand that you will see promoted on the TV. They have developed the branding in a similar fashion to them though. This product is served at that does again include account servicing and SSL. The same £80 to £500 amounts are promoted here and the same 25% charge is listed. As with the other noted company, there is a disclaimer that some lenders do apply fast transfer fees. These companies have only been active since 2012, but they are growing quickly that has been supported by their affiliate programs.