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Cash Converters started out life in Australia in the year 1984. They have come a long way since this time and are today active in a wide range of countries with over 730 stores worldwide. They reference having around 220 stores in the UK with many of these being franchised. This is interestingly the same estimate quoted by their major local rival (Cash Generator). This Aussie company did arrive here in 1992 that was a few years before their competitor stepped in. The buying and selling of used goods has been their major focus over the years, although they have had to revamp due to the increasing competition online.

The Cash Converters loans are promoted on, but you must access them through a store only. To highlight the product available, you can receive sums between £10 and £750 over the month. No cost breakdown is provided for this monthly service, but more details follow for their instalment personal loans. The sums that can be applied for here range from £300 up to £2000 with the repayments been split over 6 or 7 months. Their calculator displays a £300 amount over the period of 6 months costing £321.60 that is much more expensive than what the leading online lenders are charging today. An update to the estimated pricing has been referenced below.

As advised at, You’ll need to take in 60 days of bank statements, your last two pay slips and two recent documents to confirm your identity. They only close on a Sunday. Memberships have been made with the CFA and the CCTA and there is even a BCCA member notice now printed on the site. Although the Cash Converters payday loan cost is not disclosed, their instalment product price is high. When selling items they do have a buy back facility in place that was discussed Further Here (32.5% was charged in this referenced post). There is of course no doubting their prominence, with no one else in this sector having the same worldwide presence.