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Buddy Loans

Buddy Loans was created by Advancis Ltd with this service being served from www.buddyloans.com. This is an aged domain, but the launch looks to have taken place in the first month of 2014. These Buddy guarantor loans range from £500 up to £7500 and the term span is 12 to 60 months. You can quickly identity the charges from their loan calculator that heads an APR rate of 54.4%. For £1000 over a year the charge would be £318.50. This isn’t priced as competitively as the majors, but it is good to see that they rise to £7500, since their rivals usually stop at £5000.

The web design of www.buddyloans.com has been crafted to a high standard. Other than looking the part, they do include secure account servicing that not many of their competitors offer. The loan process here is headed as typically taking 48 hours and so it does appear that no forms have to sent. This is assumed from seeing that they head same day cash as being possible if they can reach both parties quickly by phone. This would be during their operational hours only. This is a flexible product that grants early settlements and so you should be able to do this once you are logged in.

Qualification requires the backing of someone aged between 23 and 75, with a good credit score and they must be a homeowner. There is conflicting info provided surrounding their opening hours. At the bottom of the page Monday to Thursday is listed as 9am to 8pm, whilst on the contact page the closing time is shown as 5.30pm throughout these days. Friday is listed in both sections as 9am to 4.30pm. Buddy Loans is an approachable lender that is expected to have a busy year ahead of them. The product is more expensive than others in this sector, but it doesn’t appear that brokers fees are charged here.