1Plus1 Loans @ www.1plus1loans.co.uk

1Plus1 Loans

1Plus1 Loans is another new entry in the popular guarantor loan space. This lender launched in 2013 at www.1plus1loans.co.uk. This is a creation of Secret Eye Ltd who also run the broker service by the name of The Finance Facility. Getting to the product info, £500 to £3000 is open to new applicants and £5000 is available when you return to them. The repayment range is spread from 12 to 60 months. Within this sector, we always calculate the £1000 charge over a 12 month period. When this has been done, they present a cost of £353 and they display variable APR at 49.9%.

This is the same rate as listed by the Amigo Loans Lender, but they would charge £236.72 and so 1Plus1 will have to chop down their pricing to compete with the best of them. It is stated that customers can receive their money on the same day as they apply and so it appears that no complicated forms have to be sent their way. The 1Plus1 Loans website at www.1plus1loans.co.uk is fully secured and you can even control your loan through the login provided. Although there is this management facility, it does state that you must phone them if you are looking to clear the balance.

The opening times from Monday to Friday are 9am to 6pm and you can also receive funding on a Saturday between 10am and 4pm. This is still a new company, but from research conducted they have already managed to receive plenty of positive feedback at the Review Centre. I did notice from their Facebook page that they sponsor Hale Football Club. Granted, this is only an U15’s team, but this does at least show their intent to generate some brand awareness. The guarantor requirement is not referenced clearly, but other than having a good credit score, the person backing must be no older than 70 years of age.