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Scotcall (PayScotCallOnline) @ www.payscotcallonline.com

Scotcall (PayScotCallOnline)

Scotcall is an experienced debt collection firm that was formed in 1992 and they are based up in Glasgow. Full corporate information can be studied through www.scotcall.com whilst customers payments are taken separately at PayScotCallOnline via www.payscotcallonline.com. The Scotcall Group has various split departments. This includes BCS covering the region of Northern Ireland and another is EIC that covers the Republic of Ireland. Then there is Resolvecall that works around tracing and Scotcall is central to them and this caters the full recovery process from initial contact to doorstep. Although these operations are clearly detailed, it is not made clear just how big this organisation is.


Aktiv Kapital @ www.aktivkapital.co.uk

Aktiv Kapital

Aktiv Kapital is a prominent European debt collection agency that was established in Norway back in 1991. They operate centrally from the address of www.aktivkapital.com. They moved locally in the year 2001 and they have setup www.aktivkapital.co.uk for this region. They have actually spread their wings to operate in several countries across Europe, with the exception being that they have also moved on to trade in Canada. I can’t recall any other DCA that has expanded quite like this one. They are locally based in Bromley and have approx 125 staff members working here that shows that they do sit on the small side.


Debt Recovery Plus @ www.debtrecoveryplus.co.uk

Debt Recovery Plus

Debt Recovery Plus has made great strides forward in their early operational years. This company works online through the one web property at www.debtrecoveryplus.co.uk. They are based in Dukinfield that lies in the region of Greater Manchester. As stated, this agency has developed well with them only setting up their business in 2009 that qualifies them as one of the newer DCAs around. Their web popularity has grown quickly for their age. This is more impressive when you consider that they are mostly associated with commercial debts whereby there isn’t as much volume to go after. The big business of course lies on the consumer side.


Daniels Silverman @ www.danielssilverman.co.uk

Daniels Silverman

Daniels Silverman is a debt collection agency based in Liverpool that was put formed in 1995. They created www.danielssilverman.co.uk later though in 1999 that is a single website in place for both corporate and customer purposes. It should be noted that Daniels Silverman does look to mostly dedicate their efforts on commercial debt recovery. Consumer arrears are also chased up although for total market share they rank way down with 80 or so agencies taking on more accounts than they are today. Commercial is of course central, but at the same time they also provide alternative services such as credit checking and even legal recovery.


Debt Managers (DMPay) @ www.dmpay.co.uk

Debt Managers (DMPay)

Debt Managers has gathered valued industry experience with their formation year dating way back to 1976. This collection agency operates online through two websites that includes www.debt-managers.co.uk to cover the services provided and the other site goes by the name of DMPay that takes payments in via www.dmpay.co.uk. Debt Managers (Services) Ltd that is their full name has 200 employees working within the organisation. These staff members are spread across two branches that includes locations in Edinburgh and Rotherham. For the consumer debts chased up here, partnerships have been taken on with creditors that are involved in such sectors as finance, retail and telecoms.


Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (PayCars) @ www.paycars.co.uk

Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (PayCars)

CARS (Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd) is a debt collector based in Basingstoke. They became US-owned recently in 2013 when they were acquired by Jefferson Capital International. This company works with creditors and national consumer debt purchasers. This agency was established in 2002 although their websites were created much more recently. These web properties include www.carsuk.org on the corporate side and also PayCars that is used to take in customer payments through www.paycars.co.uk. This site has only recently been created with them previously using www.paymyaccount.co.uk to take in payments. This DCA works in the popular markets of finance, insurance and telecoms.


Commercial Collection Services (CCSCollect) @ www.ccscollect.co.uk

Commercial Collection Services (CCSCollect)

CCSCollect is one of the most experienced debt recovery agencies around having been established back in the year 1975. The spelling has been used today as the company is branded, but it is worth noting that search engine data shows that they are mostly searched for as “CCS Collect”. Their popularity is very high on the web and yet there are around 50 or so DCAs that are taking on more consumer accounts than they are. The full name of this agency is Commercial Collection Services Ltd and they operate solely through www.ccscollect.co.uk. They work in finance, utilities and they also work with local authorities.


Apex Credit Management (ApexCM) @ www.apexcm.co.uk

Apex Credit Management (ApexCM)

Apex Credit Management was established in the year 2000 and they are located in Stratford upon Avon. They use the branding of ApexCM online at www.apexcm.co.uk that they use to both provide company info and to take in payments. As was discussed in the post for Cabot Financial, these two agencies have joined forces to create CabotCM. Both companies operate through their existing websites, but they have now split divisions between collections, purchasing and tracing. Apex Credit Management ranks as around the 15th top agency when factoring the total consumer debts taken up. This makes them less busy on the business side than their new partner brand.


Past Due Credit Solutions @ www.pastduecredit.co.uk

Past Due Credit Solutions

Past Due Credit Solutions is a debt collection agency based in Scotland that is of course the home to several successful firms with one of the most recognisable exports being Mackenzie Hall. This company operates from the one single website found at www.pastduecredit.co.uk. They have been active since the year 2005 and so they haven’t been around for as long as many of the previously discussed agencies here. Not too much detailed information is provided surrounding their operations at this time. Other than the consumer side, they also chase up arrears for businesses with there appearing to be a split in focus between these areas.


SRJ Debt Recoveries (SRJPay) @ www.srjpay.com

SRJ Debt Recoveries (SRJPay)

SRJ Debt Recoveries Ltd is a collection agency that is part of the prominent Interlaken Group. They were recently referenced here due to their ownership of Fredrickson International who are a key industry name. As it was covered there, Interlaken was took over by the Lowell Group not to long back in 2013 that has taken this Group close to Moorcroft who are chasing up the highest volume of consumer debts in the UK. This agency in discussion is based in Woking (Surrey) and they reached the market back in the year 2005. SRJ Debt that is found at www.srjdebt.com provides information surrounding their background and catered services.


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