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BishBoshDosh @ www.bishboshdosh.com


BishBoshDosh is one of the newcomers to the industry that arrived in 2012, with their service being available through www.bishboshdosh.com. On this website, they offer both monthly payday loans and also a logbook option. With their central product, you can apply for £100 to £400 on the initial application, with £1000 being the max returning sum. The term is monthly although on their slider you have to pick when you are next paid. The rates are charged daily and so you could pay less depending on when you apply. Over the full month the £100 interest charge would be £29.58 and fast funding is optional.


Umbrella Loans @ www.umbrellaloans.co.uk

Umbrella Loans

Umbrella Loans is a direct lender that launched back in the year 2010 at www.umbrellaloans.co.uk. This North West company was based in Bolton, but it appears that they have now moved 30 minutes away to Warrington. They have carried a low profile since launch although expansion does appear likely, through new directors and investors joining the company in 2013. Payday loans are available here with a fixed monthly term and the cash sums that can be applied for range between £100 and £500 for all applicants. This monthly product is competitively priced at the rate of 25% and so there is a £25 per £100 charge.


Cash Cafe @ www.cashcafe.com

Cash Cafe

Cash Cafe loans were recently launched in 2012 at www.cashcafe.com. This is the workings of PPE Capital Ltd who have also been busy with their Cash Cafe Business brand. This is similar to the Wonga for Business company (now called Everline). The product in question today hasn’t been advertised much since their launch. They announced recently though that a TV advert was screening within a month, but this has not screened thus far. It would be good to see their profile become raised since they do have plenty of potential. Their branding and web design has been crafted to a very high standard.


Zebit @ www.zebit.com


Zebit is a creation from Lending Stream LLC who are of course best known for their popular 6 month loan service. This one that is served at www.zebit.com was launched back in 2011 and it provides a little more flexibility than the sister-brand. When the initial launch was made, it had a prepaid card attached, but this was discarded not too long after. This instalment product can be taken for the duration of between 1 and 7 months. When selecting a term, any cash sum can be chosen from £100 up to £800 with there being no such first time applicant restriction made.


Cash Window @ www.cashwindow.co.uk

Cash Window

The Cash Window service was launched in 2013 at www.cashwindow.co.uk as a rebrand from EPDL who had originally started out in 2003. Early Pay Day Loan Ltd (EPDL) was acquired by Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc in 2012 for the large price tag of £1.2 million. It is this acquisition that is the reason why this major identity change has occurred. These new Cash Window loans are also available in over 200 stores belonging to Albemarle. It should be noted on the last site visit that they stated that they were not currently issuing new loans whilst they were revamping their system.


Toothfairy Finance @ www.toothfairyfinance.com

Toothfairy Finance

Toothfairy Finance is a short term loan lender that has been trading since 2008 from the web address of www.toothfairyfinance.com. This is the most established brand owned by Web Loans Processing Ltd who also trades through the likes of CommunityPayday.com and EasyFinanceClub.com. With the Toothfairy Finance loans company, you can access cash sums from £100 up to £400 with there being a range of selectable terms. You can choose between either 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. To cover the pricing in place here, a £100 sum over 7 days creates a charge of £9 and this does include same day funding.


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