Yorkshire Cash @ www.yorkshirecash.co.uk

Yorkshire Cash

Yorkshire Cash is a payday lending brand from Phoenix Payroll Ltd. They operate from www.yorkshirecash.co.uk that was setup a few months into 2011 and they then began trading in 2012. Despite the name, these loans are available nationwide. These Yorkshire Cash loans are highly flexible with terms being available between 1 and 31 days. Applicants can also start with very small sums from £25 that heads up to £400 on the initial application and in time £1000 is the top granted sum. Although it is great to see such flexibility in the repayments, you have to really use them over the full month to source a good deal.

To highlight this, a £100 loan taken over a week would have a charge of £11.66 whilst over 30 days the cost would be £30.25. The improved deal is seen over the extended term since the fast payment fee of £6 is watered down in with the interest. When navigating across the site there was a notice of a promo code. I had a look on their Facebook page and there was an expired banner section that noted “No Application Fee”. They haven’t updated their Facebook for a long time, but it doesn’t look like any fee is charged now and no discount would likely be available today.

The www.yorkshirecash.co.uk site includes secure logins. When you initially reach the site to apply, the SSL may not trigger and so just enter HTTPS into the search bar and it will then work fine. Although there are no Yorkshire Cash reviews to study, this is a trusted firm with CCTA membership. There is some conflict regarding their disclosed trading times. Whilst in one section they list Monday to Saturday between 8am and 10pm. On their contact page they then head Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. In the FAQ it also states that the fast transmission is £6.95 whilst the calculator lists and factors in a £6 charge.