Which Direct Payday Loan Lenders Control Multi-Brands?

Which Direct Payday Loan Lenders Control Multi-Brands

We count direct Payday Loan Lenders through single brand identities. So if an owner had four brands/websites then we would consider this as four lending opportunities. However, it is likely that you could only borrow through any one of these at one time. As an example, in the Credit Card Space, you can’t receive an Argos or a Granite card if you already use Vanquis (they issue all such cards). Products may be matched across multi-brands, or there may be differences. In most cases, the same eligibility requirements apply and so if someone is known to be strict at one company, then this would commonly follow to the next.

Starting with the majors, QuickQuid is one of the most popular direct payday loan lenders online. Obviously their FlexCredit product that is sold both on their home site and through an external one is part of the same company. Their owner (Cash America International) also locally runs the personal loan firms On Stride Financial and Pounds to Pocket. Then there is DFC Global Corp that controls Payday Express, PaydayUK and The Money Shop. Ladder Loans is also a subsidiary and so the same customer database records would likely be shared there. Each Cash America and DFC Global company does tend to differ in features, pricing etc that is notable.

Some firms change little specs (if anything) through two websites. Examples of this includes CFO Lending (& First), THL Direct (& Fancy) and Swift Sterling (& PTP). In packs of three, you have Laura Lends, Mr Instant Cash and Tide U Over. Another is Ancora Capital through RedWallet, VarioLoans and also WagedayXpress, but Ancora always bring something new to the table with each release. In the short term sector, there is obviously MiniCashLoans and MiniCredit. Think Finance’s popular Sunny brand is also supported by Quid. This covers the UK’s monthly/short term products. Finally, some of the larger financial groups of course trade under multi-brands across a range of different countries.