Wescot Credit Services (PayWescot) @ www.paywescot.co.uk

Wescot Credit Services (PayWescot)

Wescot Credit Services is one of the top debt collection names in the industry. They are homed at www.wescot.co.uk that was created in 1997. For this post today we have referenced PayWescot at www.paywescot.co.uk. This is the customer payment website that was composed 10 years later in the year 2007. This agency has 650 staff members that are spread out across multiple locations. The main office is found in Hull whilst the others include Glasgow and Saltcoats. This DCA competes in a range of sectors today. They are for instance known to work with prominent banks, as well as telecom and utility companies.

RBS, O2 and British Gas are a few examples of the creditors that they have worked with over the years. With more than 5 million account holders serviced each year it is clear that this is one of the premier debt collection agencies. Market data shows that they are one of the biggest firms competing today. There are only a few bigger companies including Moorcroft, Lowell and Blair Oliver and Scott. For those looking to clear arrears, you can make quick secure payments through www.paywescot.co.uk. You will need to enter your reference number at PayWescot to proceed with a payment (this will be attached to any letters received).

The Wescot Credit Services contact number is 0844 824 1155 if you have any account queries. This agency is qualified through the CSA under such areas as Court Action and Repossessions. They are in this regard expected to be pushy on the recovery side, but they do have a very good reputation. Whether they can take on the big names in the future remains to be seen. Moorcroft has always been massively popular, whilst Lowell has recently acquired the Interlaken Group that itself owns a range of DCA firms. Arvato AG and Hoist Kredit AB are other companies who have recently combined agencies and so the competition has certainly become increasingly tricky at the top.