Uncle Buck @ www.unclebuck.co.uk

Uncle Buck

The Kent-based Uncle Buck loans brand has grown to become a recognisable industry name. We have just updated their domain to www.unclebuck.co.uk since they have moved on here now from the (.tv) extension. They have a habit of doing this a lot since they have previously used (.biz) and (.co.uk with a hyphen). It is not easy to pinpoint their original launch, but our best estimate would be the year 2007. When factoring search engine data, they are frequently searched for online although determining the extent of this isn’t easy due to the distortion of many queries being entered for the 1989 John Candy movie.

Getting to the product specs, you can receive a monthly loan at first from £75 to £400 with £1000 being the later return sum. With costs, interest comes in at £34.95 per £100 borrowed and fast funding (if selected) comes at the price of £15. There is an Uncle Buck promo code box on the application form at www.unclebuck.co.uk, but there are no active codes circulating the market at this time. This application form is secured and they do provide customers with a login facility. You can also apply by text when returning to use them and they have took on membership with the BCCA trade association.

The opening hours between the days of Monday and Friday are listed as 8am to 7pm and they also open on every Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP trades through this single brand only. They have been a successful lender over the years, but the pricing levels set have always been higher than rival established brands. Tracking down a promo code to discount that fast funding fee would be essential. Otherwise, it would be recommended to just opt with a slow transfer. From running some checks, their service is continually receiving updates and they are starting to become much more active on the social front.