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The Money Shop is the market leading high street payday lender that dwarfs most of their rivals with over 550 stores stretching the UK. The Money Shop payday loans are served through the address of both and We have referenced the initial one that is their central website. This is also the one that they of course promote on the TV with the dog and cashback deal being shown in their latest campaign. Their initial store was opened in Nottingham back in 1996. DFC Global Corp went on to acquire them in 1999 when they had 11 stores behind them at the time.

DFC would go on to later acquire Payday Express and PaydayUK. These sister-brands are today used to issue their online loans. They only lend directly on the high street. There are two headed charges. The online charge is £29.99 per £100 and the rate is slightly cheaper for their cheque-based loan at £29.85. The Express rate is 29% and PDUK is 29.95% (just 24.95% with their £5 cashback). That cashback is also available here that would cut down the rates to 24.99% or 24.85% (cheque). The difference with this incentive is that it is for new customers only, whilst PDBUK rewards all customers.

Once a secure application has been made at you will redirected to one of the two partners whereby future account servicing will be provided over that way. The online cash sum is maxed at £500, whilst those visiting a store may access £1000. CFA membership has been acquired here. Should you wish to receive a branch loan then they usually ask for identification to be taken in as well as a wageslip. I checked out The Money Shop Manchester store and the opening times for it was from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday was 9am to 5.30pm (Sunday was closed).