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The Cash Shop

The Cash Shop was formed in late 2004 and they have branches in 14 locations at this time although two are owned by another firm. You can sell your used goods and they also offer such services as cheque cashing and pawnbroking. We will be looking here at their instalment loan product promoted on This goes by the name of YourLoan that allows you to borrow up to £500 over repayments of 1, 3 or 6 months. There is just one price breakdown. This covers an amount of £220.00 for 84 days that carries interest of £93.50. The headed APR for this example is 362.95%.

Any interested parties will have to apply directly by heading to one of their stores (these are all listed on their site). Should you do this then you will be asked to take with you bank statements and wageslips covering the last 3 months. Proof of address and an ID card must also be taken. When you initially reach you will quickly spot the “Online Store” category on the menu bar. If you select this it actually redirects you over to their EBay shopping page. The Cash Shop is obviously doing well, since it is very expensive to run high street chains as they are.

They naturally have their work cut out if they are hoping to take the market share away from Cash Converters or Generator. Alike each of them, they have a similar buy back service in place. They have added site encryption, but they could really do with revamping the content. For instance, the terms and conditions page is empty and there was no listed Licence number. They provide a contact number that is for their Nottingham branch and so this appears to be their head office. Most of their branches close on a Sunday, but a few of them are open 7 days such as the Leicester and Stockport stores.