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The Sunny loans service was launched in 2013 by Think Finance (UK) Ltd that is the local operation of the Texas-based Think Finance Inc. Although the website is a fresh creation, this was a simple switch from the previous identity of 1 Month Loan that started out in 2004 with the original owner being the Fortress Group (UK) Ltd who were later acquired. Through this new identity we have seen the rise of a service equipped with many top features. This begins with the repayment flexibility that covers both short term and monthly instalment periods from 3 days to 5 months for amounts of £100 to £1000.

Competitive pricing is in place over the shorter term periods, sitting below 1% daily including fast funding. The £100 cost over 7 days would be £6.76, or it would be £28.99 over the full month (30). A Sunny loans login facility is integrated within and applications are processed here every day. Their full operational times are listed as Monday to Thursday (8.30am to 7pm), Friday is (8am to 5pm) and Saturday and Sunday is both (10am to 3.30pm). Sunny Rates is their loyalty program that rewards future discounts on loans when they are repaid on time (this can lower the possible monthly rate to 15%).

No fees are charged for those that make late repayments, although doing this will lose any discount potential. They have took on a membership with the CFA. They may also be joined on to the CCTA since that is referenced on the Think Finance site (just not this one). This owner also trades locally as Quid that covers 12 month periods, but this featured brand has certainly become central. Most emerging names in short term lending are looking to attack Wonga and this brand not only beats them for pricing, but the added features makes them even more attractive on paper (their potential against Wonga was discussed further Here).