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Shelby Finance has provided 6 month loans since the summer of 2012 at This instalment lender that is based in Cheshire delivers cash sums between £100 and £600, although new customers are restricted to the sum of £300. A 6 month instalment loan here would cost £330 per £300 borrowed. You can receive the funds free of charge or instead you can go fast and have £15 deducted from the funds sent. A Shelby Finance promo code box is visible on the homepage, but there is currently no sign of any vouchers across the web. For some reason they reference a £27.45 per £100 monthly charge.

This may perhaps be the cost required if you settled after just 30 days. The actual monthly rates that you will pay are much lower. The team behind this service has valued experience with some prominent online financial brands and so the prospects look good for this newly devised lender. New applicants can apply securely for loans here and once funded can control the product at any time via the equipped login facility at It is stated that the option is provided to repay early at any time and so you will save from this. There is no chance of any weekend cash here.

Their full times from Monday and Friday stands between 8am and 6pm. They quickly obtained CCTA trade association membership soon after launch. The number of 6 month loan lenders continues to grow and the Shelby Finance loans brand is a welcome addition to the pack. Within this sector they charge similar rates to Lend UK, although they offer more repayment terms. This company hasn’t advertised much across the web, but they have started to receive coverage from several review sites through their affiliate/broker system. As noted, there is no sign of any working promo codes that would be ideal to track down to wipe out the £15 fee.