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Scotcall (PayScotCallOnline)

Scotcall is an experienced debt collection firm that was formed in 1992 and they are based up in Glasgow. Full corporate information can be studied through whilst customers payments are taken separately at PayScotCallOnline via The Scotcall Group has various split departments. This includes BCS covering the region of Northern Ireland and another is EIC that covers the Republic of Ireland. Then there is Resolvecall that works around tracing and Scotcall is central to them and this caters the full recovery process from initial contact to doorstep. Although these operations are clearly detailed, it is not made clear just how big this organisation is.

They have been known in the past to outsource their doorstep agents to other DCAs. Capquest have done this in the past, although I don’t believe that they do this anymore since they are now qualified to do this themselves. This agency commonly works with finance and utility creditors and they even collect on behalf of local governments. They have always been a popular choice with established creditors and they are very popular online, although they aren’t perhaps on the same level as the Mackenzie Hall Group when factoring major collection agencies in Scotland. The PayScotCallOnline facility at allows secure payments to be swiftly made with ease.

Since a previous check was made on this DCA, there has been an update to their contact number. This new number is listed as 0141 212 8500 if you have any payment questions to pose them. Scotcall has developed relationships with many leading creditors with their market share ranking floating at around the 30th mark. Online discussions are popping up frequently with their general market feedback being positive and they are of course joined on to the CSA. From the fact that this agency has been going strong since the early 90s, there is no doubt that this is a business that has continued to thrive within this highly competitive industry.