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Satsuma Loans is the online equivalent of the popular doorstep loan service Provident Personal Credit. This new brand was launched recently in 2013 at Plenty of media attention and TV advertising has helped to spur on their growth. There has been a lot going on at Provident Financial Plc that has included the major management shuffle with John van Kuffeler handing the control on to Manjit Wolstenholme. They have been busy with this new company alongside the Tandem project that was created at the same time. More recently they also acquired Moneybarn in the car finance sector. They also run the successful credit card brand (Vanquis).

New applicants can receive between £100 and £300 over either 13 or 26 weeks (3 or 6 months). Once you have used them though you can receive as much as £800 with extended terms of 39 or 52 weeks also being available. The charge per £300 borrowed over each term would be £120.03 or £203.88. The daily rates round off to 0.44% or 0.373% that marks a lower rate over the extended term, although they rank better over 3 in our comparison section. At this time there is no Satsuma Loans login at However, the FAQ states that they will be adding this in the future.

The Satsuma Loans are available throughout Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and they also trade on a Saturday from 8.30am to 3pm. These operational times are important to note, since when an application has been put through they will need to make a quick verification call. Once this is complete the funding is sent and received on the same day. Overall, the biggest feature here lies in the competitive pricing and you can also get a good deal through their Tandem guarantor service (where they accept tenant guarantors). I can still see their doorstep operation being popular since existing customers there can receive £2500 (up to 110 weeks).