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Rossendales was formed in the year 1972 and they started out offering nationwide bailiff and warrant services in these early days. This Enforcement department at has 140 clients, but there is a lot of volume here since this includes many popular local authorities. Then there is Rossendales Collect that was setup at back in 2004. This is a separate division that was setup to compete with the leading DCAs on the consumer side, although they also promote commercial services here as well. They list having 300 clients on this side. There is a third department although this is merely a training division. They are owned by Marston (Holdings) Ltd.

When we picked out this agency they ranked in the mid 50s and this listing covered their experienced Enforcement team. When checking through their CSA member page there was just one profile and this was for Rossendales Collect Ltd. This covered an extensive range of services from Bailiff & Process Serving, Court Action and so on. It would be assumed that this membership extends to cover their entire operations. Their latest project covers finance, mail order, telecoms etc and as noted also some of the commercial services seen on the other side. This covers for instance Council Tax recovery, road traffic debts, unpaid child maintenance and Warrants of Arrest.

In regards to their ranking in the 50s, the only commercial agency that ranked above them was Equita that shows that they are one of the premier names in this sector and they are certainly very popular online. All payments are taken on that is fully secured. Even if you are trying to pay Rossendales Collect you will be redirected here to pay them. The support team can be reached on the number of 0845 078 1194. It will be interesting to see if this prominent debt collection agency can become as successful in their mainstream collections, as they have been through their original commercial recovery service.