RBS Overdraft Charges @ www.rbs.co.uk

RBS Overdraft Charges

The RBS overdraft charges will be uncovered here from www.rbs.co.uk, with these initials of course standing for The Royal Bank of Scotland. This is the central subsidiary of the larger Group that also boasts NatWest on their roster. This bank originated in the year 1727. The larger Group has 33 million global customers with around 25 million of these being situated within the UK. I believe this splits up as 15 here, NatWest has 8 and Ulster has 2. They have 700 branches with National Westminster Bank having 1600. Ross McEwan is the CEO, but stepping up to the RBSG the Chairman is Sir Philip Hampton.

Although the fees discussed here are headed at www.rbs.co.uk, once you become a customer the logins are undertaken at www.rbsdigital.com. When it comes to the RBS overdraft charges, the same named accounts and overdrafts are in place as at NatWest and so you aren’t receiving any exclusive deals here. The main accounts include Select that is free, Silver is £10, Platinum is £16 and Black is £24. They also offer a graduate, student, under 18s and a basic banking product. Both Select/Silver share a £10 buffer, a £6 usage fee and 19.89% interest. Platinum comes £250 interest-free and then 19.24% is charged.

Black stretches to £500 and then it is 14.89%, but this has a minimum £100,000 income requirement. This £500 0% buffer is joined by other benefits such as the concierge service and VIP airport access, but £24 per month is excessive. Most of their paid banking accounts throw in insurance products that I don’t think most people will be too overly interested in. For unarranged overdrafts, you pay £6 per day (capped at £90) and unpaid transactions are £6 (capped at £60). An impressive banking feature is their Emergency Cash initiative that allows you to access money from their ATMs when your debit card is lost or stolen.