Privacy Policy

Here is the privacy policy for This website is still in its infancy stage at this time due to its new age of being setup in late December 2013. In light of this, much of the focus is being directed on content creation and so the tracking conducted here is minimal today. Information is being collected here for both analytics and third party ads. These will be discussed further below.


This is collected by all website owners and provides thorough information surrounding the site activity covering all incoming visitors. There are various services that can monitor analytics, but we use Statcounter. Once we have signed up a site to them, they provide us with some simple code that we add and when this is done all activity will then be collected and accessible to us at any single time. There are various stats that we can study once logged into Statcounter, but we are specifically looking at how many visits we have received for the day. We are also looking to see which content pages are receiving the most hits and where this traffic is coming from (this would typically be from another website or a search engine such as Bing or Google).

Although we are looking at the basic things noted above, we could also access more in-depth info such as what browsers are being the most, what locations are visitors coming from, how long is being spent on specific pages or perhaps what mobile devices are being used the most. All of this tracking is being made by pinpointing an IP address. A cookie is needed to do this that becomes attached to any incoming computer. This above discussed information is useful from a performance standpoint, but it also helps to check that our server is live 24/7.


Third party adverts work in a similar fashion as referenced above whereby cookies are monitoring user interaction with the click activity then being followed. Google Adsense has recently been added here. Google use the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across their Adsense network. You can find further information regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Center.

You can freely block cookies from functioning. This can be done by making the changes in your browser settings. Just remember that they are there to help you though. For instance, a cookie is required to remember your banking or Facebook login data and shopping carts at places like Amazon require them to function correctly.

That covers the privacy policy as it stands currently. If you have any privacy concerns then you can reach us via the contact form above.