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The Peter Vardy brand was created in 2006 to keep the family name running after Reg Vardy was sold to Pendragon Plc who took control of their 96 showrooms. Pendragon control a range of prominent brands with Evans Halshaw being one such example who we covered here recently. This was a fresh start in 2006 at and since this time a range of Scottish dealerships have been built up across such prime locations as Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. There are currently 12 branches spread out across Scotland and 11 of these are big franchises from a select number of popular manufacturers ranging from Vauxhall to Porsche.

The other location is for the CarStore. The Peter Vardy finance will be explored here that can be received on HP and PCP contracts. The financing repayments can be spread between 24 and 60 months. No reference is made to the finance lenders that have partnered up with this prominent dealer. You can apply through although you are redirected to a secure page on an outside site. To get to this application you must scan through their car listings and view the model details. For a cost breakdown at £10,000 covering 48 months, the charge was £3249.72 that carried an APR of 15.3%.

This interest rate is competitive and so I wouldn’t expect bad credit to be considered. Whilst there is a good collection of branches, their locations won’t suit those in England or Wales. If you can head up north then they only close on a Sunday. The times across showrooms vary. One example would be Monday to Thursday (9am/7pm), Friday (9am/6pm) and Saturday (9am/5pm). There are some top manufacturers catered that includes the likes of BMW, Jaguar and Porsche. Whilst this brand has firmly established themselves in Scotland, they will have to expand the empire across the UK if they are hoping to return to the glory days.