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Payday Overdraft

Soon after we introduced Payday Overdraft here on Miyagi, they became the most popular searched lender in the monthly Payday Loan category. They aren’t a particularly well known firm, but it would have helped them that they were referenced as a no credit check lender in a few posts here that was bumping up their page visits. They do now clearly reference that they conduct credit checks. They have also made several updates to their product. To cover their service, they launched at in 2009. This brand is part of Wage Payment and Payday Loans Ltd who also trades at and

New customers can receive £50 to £500 and a giant returning sum of £1500 is possible. This is headed as a monthly product, but they do charge interest daily and so depending on when you are next paid, savings could be made. The £100 30 day interest charge would come in at £24 and fast funding is optional at £15. The 0.8% daily rate fits the upcoming 2015 cap, although 0.8% must be a complete service charge and so they will eventually have to update this. The costs have at least greatly improved to how they were when we last profiled them whereby the fees were very excessive.

Secure account logins are equipped to Before applying here you will need to quickly register with them. The Payday Overdraft loan processing takes place between Monday and Friday (9am/5pm). Whilst they were once a no credit check loan provider, they have completely gone the other way now on the strict side. Other than a required full time wage of £1100 each month they will need 2 month’s of bank statements plus faxed ID and this is the default for all customers. If you are happy to do this, then you can at least benefit from competitive pricing here (when selecting the free slow funding).