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Past Due Credit Solutions

Past Due Credit Solutions is a debt collection agency based in Scotland that is of course the home to several successful firms with one of the most recognisable exports being Mackenzie Hall. This company operates from the one single website found at They have been active since the year 2005 and so they haven’t been around for as long as many of the previously discussed agencies here. Not too much detailed information is provided surrounding their operations at this time. Other than the consumer side, they also chase up arrears for businesses with there appearing to be a split in focus between these areas.

From scanning the web for discussions surrounding this company, it is clear that they have forged relationships with a wide range of impressive creditors. British Gas and BSkyB are two such popular names that popped up on frequent occasions and so you can imagine plenty of business being sent to them through big names like this. When studying total market share, they ranked in the 40s although this covered consumer debts only and they do as noted cover arrears between businesses that is just as important to them. Further to this, they are much more popular online than those agencies that ranked around the same proximity as them.

This firm has chosen to operate through on both the corporate and customer side. No SSL is added here, but payments are always secured as they use Sage Pay in the payment process. Support calls are taken between Monday and Saturday on the number of 0141 951 4077. Past Due Credit Solutions Ltd holda a CSA place and they have been growing quickly over the past few years from studying search engine data relating to them. They do look to be an emerging name, although it remains to be seen whether they can carry on growing to the extent whereby they can challenge the leading DCAs.