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OK Money Polska

OK Money loans have been available in Poland since back in 2012 through www.okmoney.pl. This brand is also active in Finland where they are popular and they have now also expanded into Spain. This company is owned by the American giant DFC Global Corp who are active across 10 countries with the UK being their primary market. Here in Poland they also trade through Optima that appears to be a home collection loan service and then there is the MoneyNow retail stores. There are several lenders that carry more web popularity than OK Money Polska. With a 0% deal in place, they can compete with the best of these.

This 0% rate is handed to new customers covering the amounts of 200 to 500 zł with a term of 15 or 30 days. Returning customers can eventually receive up to 3000 PLN max and over the month they would pay 160 per 500 borrowed. Bank accounts must be validated with 0.01 that is later returned to the customer. OK Money loan logins are provided through the www.okmoney.pl site. It is stated that decisions are immediate, however funding is only processed between Monday and Friday from 8am to 6pm. You should receive cash within the hour, although your bank must be listed to obtain these speedy transfers.

Extensions are available that takes on a full interest charge. There is no doubt that DFC are growing quickly across Europe. They have for many years took a chunk of the UK market share that is arguably the most competitive region to compete in. Across Britain their main brand (PaydayUK) has a monthly term only with the pricing floating at around 1% daily. Here in Poland, they allow 15 days (as well as 30) and they welcome new customers in at 0% that shows that they have had to adapt. The top Polish lenders still carry the edge though in providing more flexible terms and in trading 7/7 days.