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CallCredit is the smallest of the big three credit reference agencies. They are used by less lenders than their rivals and for many years they have struggled to compete financially with their fellow CRAs. There was a breakthrough though in 2011 when Noddle was set upon the market at This is a free credit report service that has enjoyed massive growth. Equifax and Experian offer their reports for free for the first 30 days and then full monthly charges will be imposed, but here you never have a pay a penny. They generate profits by making recommendations based on the data that they present to you.

They do this via the help of HD Decisions and MoneySupermarket and so if you for instance have a poor credit score then they may recommend a credit card from someone like Aqua or Vanquis. If you apply through their links then they will receive commissions. The CallCredit Information Group has an Original Paid Service that is still available. This is priced at £4 each month, although they bill this quarterly at £12 and no free trial exists. This comes with a score and identity theft alerts, but it would be recommended to just use this freebie choice. If selected, the reporting is managed through

If you are really looking to receive the most thorough data available then Experian’s CreditExpert report is the #1 choice. This can be done for free over the first 30 days. If you do this alongside using this discussed service then this would be an advisable way to go so that you can compare in detail. Experian’s market advantage is being the primary choice with banks and other lenders and so the accuracy there is as good as it gets today. Praise is certainly due to Noddle that has enjoyed impressive growth since its launch and just remember that there is no requirement to use the products that they promote.