New QuickQuid Promo Code 2015

QuickQuid Promo Code 2015

The QuickQuid promo code 2015 is a significant coupon that when used creates the UK’s cheapest monthly payday loan. Since the FCA was enforced at the start of this year pretty much every lender has set their price to meet the cap at 0.8% daily. As a result, you now pay £24 per £100 over 30 days. The codes from Peachy and Wonga that discounted their transfer fees have now been removed since they themselves have to offer free transmissions since they can only charge 0.8% max per day. The QuickQuid promo code is now the only active discount available in the monthly sector (Pounds to Pocket still offer instalment savings).

The QQ 2014 saving came in at 30%, whilst the new saving is 25%. This fresh discount is cutting against £24 though and so the new charge to pay is just £18 per £100. Before the cap they charged variable interest at either £20, £25 or £29.50 and so you could previously get this down to £14, £17.50 or £20.65 (most applicants paid the bottom tier charge). At the start of the year when viewing their site they had created a dedicated page promoting a 5% saving (QQ5: £24 – £1.20 = £22.80). However, over the past few months they have been promoting the improved rate through their advertising campaigns online.

This new deal calculates as (QQ25: £24 – £6 = £18). As has always been the case, this is a new customer only deal. This does seem strange since you would expect them to try and keep their users loyal especially since the competition has ramped up so significantly in recent years. This new QuickQuid promo code 2015 can also be used over their extended terms (2 or 3 months). They don’t quite compare so well for pricing over these extended terms though. Their FlexCredit service has now been closed down and so if you are looking for a more manageable term then you can go with their sister-brand Pounds to Pocket who we mentioned above.

Code to Enter at QQ25.