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Update: Mums Payday Loans Closed

Mums Payday Loans is a newly formed brand for 2013. This lender can be accessed through where they claim to operate 24/7. This is a monthly product, but interest is charged daily and so if you are being paid in 20 days then you only pay for 20. You can select any single amount between £100 and £250 when applying for the first time. The return sum in the FAQ is headed at the amount of £400. For a loan of £100 over 30 days, here you would pay £30.92 for the interest and so this is just a little over 1% daily.

This is a competitive price, but a £5 FPS fee must also be added on top of this. It would be ideal to see a promo code released for this, since there are already a range of established lenders that charge 1% or less for same day loans. Over at they do encrypt applications, but they currently provide no customer logins. With the gender branding here, it looks like they are trying to follow in the footsteps of the popular broker Cash Lady. The difference is that the Cash Lady owner Money Gap Group Ltd is receiving mass brand exposure through TV advertising.

They also have a successful affiliate program that has helped to push them forward as a market leading broker. The Mums Payday Loans brand needs to start doing more on the advertising front if they are looking to find similar success. I only ran into them myself after spotting their listing on Loanfinder. The major asset here is that it is listed within their FAQ that they never close and can be contacted any day or night! Whether you are likely to get an automated line when calling in the early hours remains unclear, but it is at least good to know that weekend funding is catered here.