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Motormile Finance UK (MMF)

Motormile Finance UK is one of the fastest growing debt collection agencies. They are a particularly interesting firm to discuss here since they are used by many big name payday lenders. This Leeds-based company that tends to use the abbreviation of MMF operates from the MMile address of This website was created in late 2009 and so they haven’t been around for that long, but they have been emerging quickly. We have begun introducing DCAs based on market data showing the highest number of accounts being chased. Motormile Finance aren’t showing up in these rankings at this time, but this is expected to change soon.

Forum discussions surrounding MMF are popping up on an increasingly frequent basis. This is due to many payday lenders selling their defaulted accounts on to them. Lending Stream, Mr Lender, Peachy, QuickQuid and WageDayAdvance are just a few examples of some of the premier names that have been working with them. Why MMF are used more than anyone else is unclear, but they would likely offer the most competitive rates for the accounts purchased. From checking their CSA member page, they are listed under Court Action and Repossessions. They operate initially through telephone calls, then they move on to doorstep collection and finally on to the legal side.

You can’t currently make direct payments through On this MMile site they instead provide a form whereby an offer of payment can be made. You can speak to an advisor on 0844 7709 583. The noted payday lenders do tend to initially use other debt collectors, but if they are unable to collect the arrears then this is where Motormile Finance UK come in to buy the rights. It would be ideal to see a secure payment facility in place and also information provided surrounding how they can help the customer to get their credit score back on track to fix the damage from the default.