Miyagi Loans 2015 Update

Mr M

Miyagi Loans has not received fresh content or any updates for some time now that will be explained here. There is one major reason for this and a few other issues that haven’t helped the situation. Going right back to the beginning, no visitors arrived across the initial month. Then out of nowhere the hits started increasing very quickly and between this period and 6 months the traffic continued to grow until it peaked. We had hit first page rankings for many of the major lenders that were introduced and some of these are searched thousands of times each day via Google. We also received lots of brand-related searches from return users.

For the next few months the traffic started to decline and we were unable to get it back despite continuing to scale up the project. Before 12 months was reached there was a Google update that to be honest smashed the traffic to pieces. Between then and now (14ish months) the page views stand at around 20% of our best day (100%). There is always going to be a steady stream of traffic coming through since there is a lot of long tails generated from 370ish blog posts. There are still some page one rankings for lesser well known companies, but for the majors we have lost that punch that we once had.

Many of our main competitors that ranked well back then have also fallen and so it is clear that Google went to town with that update. What you will tend to find these days is that the top positions are filled with either absolute tripe or super authority pages (news articles, Wikipedia etc). Domain age appears more important than ever. The reason behind the site dropping is not clear. When you scale a lot of posts about similar companies (as we did with car finance firms) I guess their spiders can see this as filler content that may have not helped. Just before the drop the meta description tags were changed for every page.

This again may have caused problems. We did also often have competitors copying our content and dropping dodgy links. Unfortunately, these are the kind of “Winners” you have battling out in the search engines these days. Some changes were later made on the layout, but otherwise the site has just been gathering dust. This was done in case the meta issue was just a temporary drop. In the meantime I have been working on a few new projects. One of these is a similar type of website to Miyagi Loans that I think has a lot of potential. This only recently passed the 6 week stage though and so we will have to wait and see on that.

In the initial passage, I did note that there was another big problem springing up. This was the FCA cap that arrived on January 2nd. Through this new regulation, lenders can only charge 0.8% per day (£24 per £100 over 30 days). When this went though an incredibly large number of payday lenders closed down (much more than was originally predicted). As well as this, many big name firms have shifted from monthly to instalment. As a result of the closures and changes, there must be around 150ish posts here that need to be updated. I always believe that a website demands progress or you should just forget about it.

Based on the required changes, the love/hate relationship with Google and the other projects I did consider moving on. As well as this, I have a major housing problem at the moment that isn’t good. Anyway, I have made the decision to just get this post out there and then maybe make a few updates on the design. Giving it a bit of a nudge is definitely worth trying and then I can hopefully start to fix up the outdated content. Much depends really on whether I see a spark of progress. If you have any suggestions or questions then feel free to shoot a message over through the form.