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The Marston Group will be introduced here that is a division of Marston (Holdings) Ltd. This debt collection agency trades online through the single web property of that they launched in 2008. This company is certainly a large one with over 1200 staff members behind them. This is a commercial debt collector that chases up child support debts, Council Tax arrears and parking fines. Unlike many of their rivals, they choose to disclose who they have forged alliances with. This includes the likes of HMCTS, HMRC, Legal Aid Agency as well as various others. For Council Tax and parking penalties, they have 214 local authority contracts.

The market share of this DCA isn’t significant with there being over 110 busier agencies. They are much more popular than those companies that circulated them within these rankings. A major development for Marston (Holdings) Ltd was their acquisition of Rossendales who were recently introduced. Rossendales are a prominent enforcement firm chasing up accounts in much higher volume and so this has been a very savvy move on their part. This acquisition was made a few months into 2013 and later in the year they also took on Swift. If we go back to 2012, they also took on Harrison HCE and so they are continually expanding for the better.

The site provides detailed information surrounding their operations. They did take in payments on a secure area of this site, but they now use Key IVR on the customer side. This is on a subdomain at and so we have referenced their main website. There is a listed phone number of 0845 074 3749 that is an automated payment line, but you can select option 2 to speak directly to an advisor. Marston Group Ltd is CSA qualified that covers Bailiff & Process Serving, Repossessions and all of the other necessary fields that allows them to work with such established organisations.