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Mackenzie Hall is one of the most well known debt collection agencies around. This Scottish firm based in Kilmarnock was setup in the year 2003. Customer payments are taken at that has been referenced here and there is a separate company website that discloses their background info at (edit: this is now closed) . This agency is relatively small in their size with just over 200 employees. Future expansion is expected to take place through the acquisition from Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc that was back in 2012. The arrears that are chased up here cover banking, telecoms and utilities. There has been a new focus in recent years though.

This has seen them work frequently with payday lenders and so they do have involvement with some of the companies that have been introduced here. From researching the market share of all DCAs, Mackenzie Hall ranks at around the 15th spot. When you dig into their web popularity though they are certainly one of the biggest industry names, but they will need to expand to take on the major collection agencies. They took a big step forward when they were awarded as the Consumer DCA of the Year back in 2012, although they didn’t manage to reclaim this in 2013 when Apex Credit Management took this grand industry prize.

They have earned a good reputation over the years and they do hold a CSA member place. Secure payments can be made through that has received a fresh upgrade with a login facility now being in place. The Mackenzie Hall contact number is 0844 801 9617 for those that wish to get hold of their customer support team. This company is smaller than their rivals and they are less experienced, but there is no doubt that they are continuing to move in the right direction with the focus on payday loan debts helping to increase business. Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc should also help to aid their progress.