Logbook Loans @ www.logbookloans.co.uk

Logbook Loans

The Logbook Loans brand at www.logbookloans.co.uk was for a long time the market leader, but the owner fell into administration. The takeover came when Hermes Property Services Ltd were granted permission to use the branding. They also operate through a few other trading names although they aren’t well known. One that is relatively popular is Rocket Cash although this just takes leads for this discussed firm. They are also associated with Loans 2 Go. The domain of this company dates back to 1999. This was likely when the original operation got under way. This service grants £400 to £5000 and higher amounts up to £50,000 can be phoned through.

The terms have durations between 12 and 48 months, although a settlement can be made at any earlier point. For a £1000 sum over the full year the price for this would be £1271.88. No SSL is used on www.logbookloans.co.uk and the information provided is limited in some areas. No credit check is required here and they will be happy to take on those with bad credit. They state that their partner organisations have 100s of branches scattered across the UK (no further details cover this). The headlines also note that they can arrange to meet you, after they have made a quick phone call.

They do extend to accept Northern Ireland residents who appear to only be catered by one Other Company. They also impressively consider all vehicles at any age. It will take some time to receive your money to spend since they hand out a cheque rather than making fast banking transfers. Logbook Loans holds CCTA membership and operates between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Although this brand was once the dominant force, the market share is much more spread out these days across the many competing lenders. They are now running TV ad campaigns though that is helping to get them back on track.