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Liquid Advance

Liquid Advance is a monthly payday lender active at This website was composed back in the year 2007 that is the best estimate at their earliest roots. This brand that is headed in London is a part of Yes Solutions Ltd that doesn’t appear to operate through any further payday trading names. The monthly loans that are available here can range from £100 to £750. There is a reference that the new customer restriction is set at £360, but on the application form the closest sum to this that can applied for is £350. The pricing includes interest and a fast funding charge.

To cover these set charges in place here, the interest rate works out at £35 per £100 and there is also the required fast funding fee that stands at £10 (this fee is discounted from the funds sent). Despite this headed example, £200 is the minimum sum available and so the costs do ramp up with more cash having to be applied for. When applying here, a mobile phone is required since their verification process requires an SMS message to be received. You can login securely at to manage your loan. The Liquid Advance loans are unfortunately only served from Monday to Friday.

They don’t note trading times, but a cut-off time of 4.30pm is listed and so a good estimate would be 9am to 5pm. This lender has picked up a fair level of popularity over the years, although they aren’t advertised too much online. Most of their business would likely stem from their affiliate program. If contact needs to be made then this can be done on the line of 0845 834 0998. Their service has always been well received across the industry, but with the forced fast transfer fee the overall monthly costs do stack up. Just to add that their calculator starts from £200, but £100 is available.