JustLendCash and Lightning Dosh

Lightning Dosh

It has been a good while now since we have introduced any loan brokers on the site. Today we will be profiling Sandhurst Associates Ltd and their two most popular brands that have become very popular in a short space of time (although this growth is aligned with aggressive SMS marketing). Sandhurst Associates is based in the Blackpool region and they have launched a vast collection of trading brands. We chose to highlight their most popular release named JustLendCash and Lightning Dosh that is also well known joins them. A few other firms on their network that have enjoyed swift sector growth have included 247 Funds, BrillBorrow, InYourSkyRocket and LootKwik.

JustLendCash that trades from www.justlendcash.co.uk was launched in 2013. This website is designed primarily with the lead capture in mind, but they do encrypt. They list a vast sum range between £100 and £50,000 with terms as high as 25 years. Sums this high are usually printed to aid conversion rates. You would expect them to be hooked up with several payday lenders. There is no cost breakdown, but just a simple headed 527% APR. Lightning Dosh at www.lightningdosh.co.uk is built in a similar way, but the web design is improved. The amount span is smaller between £100 and £2000 and the displayed rate is higher.

Across both noted sites there is a reference that they hold CCTA membership. We can’t validate this, but we did check and they do hold a licence (#641617) and their FCA profile does show all of their approved trading names. Both JustLendCash and Lightning Dosh attach unsubscribe buttons. On a related note, most people will have become introduced to this pair through receiving text messages. Details will have been passed over when they had applied with a lender and been turned down. It may be the case that Sandhurst is attached to a range of firms, but we know for sure that they do use the Cardiff-based lender (Tide U Over).