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Glyn Hopkin is a used car dealer that was formed in 1993. We are covering their main site here (, but they do actually own several sites based around their franchises. They have built these up for a few popular manufacturers such as Fiat and Honda, but Nissan is central to them with them having 12 such Nissan dealerships. They have around 30 showrooms in total that houses up to 2500 used cars. When browsing the site though only 1600 cars could be searched. Their showrooms aren’t spread out across the UK too much, with most of the locations being directed more so in the direction of London.

Our objective was to analyse the Glyn Hopkin finance options that are available. They do have a dedicated page for financing at although no detailed information is provided surrounding the likely costs and there was also no mention of which lenders they connect their buyers to. A few plans are noted including the most common sector choices of Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase. The repayment terms weren’t mentioned, but they’d likely head up to 60 months. There is a basic small form at the bottom of the credit page so that they can get back to you and so there is no such way to fully apply for finance.

To run through any such agreement you would have to pop into a Glyn Hopkin showroom. The outlets that we studied were open daily. The Monday to Saturday times checked were 8.30am to 6pm and Sunday was 10am to 5pm. This dealer is relatively popular and they have an impressive range of franchises. Without any single cost breakdown or mentioned lenders, it is difficult to compare them against their rivals though. The new NV200 Nissan Taxi for London contract is a clear sign of the valued relationship that this dealer has with this prominent manufacturer. They are impressively the world’s 4th best selling automaker when factoring their alliance with Renault.