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First Response Finance is an experienced direct lender established in the year 1998. They have offices in Glasgow, Leigh and Nottingham, with their web presence running through This site has had a considerable amount of money poured into it recently and the results are impressive. This is particularly seen in the provided payment calculator. Not many lenders that we have studied provide detailed costs as they do, with most instead tending to send you off to an approved dealership. The agreement put into action here is Hire Purchase. If you have used this company before then you can alternatively just take out a personal loan.

The available financing spans between £2000 and £10,000 over terms of 24 to 48 months. They offer the interest tiers of Good, Average and Poor. For £10,000 over 48 months the costs came in at £7214 (34%), £8173 (38.5%) and £9318 (43.9%). You can apply securely through that should deliver a quick decision. They do make it clear on this form that you must be aged at least 21 to qualify. From the rates noted, there is no doubt that the pricing comes high. If you have received CCJs or even just a few defaults then they will attach you to the Poor tier (43.9%).

Once you have been granted approval you will be handed with a credit limit to spend at a dealer of your choice. First Response Finance have picked up many awards of their trading years. They are highly responsible lenders, taking on trade association memberships with both the CCTA and the FLA. New business leads are processed between Monday to Tuesday (9am/7pm), Wednesday (10.30am/5.30pm), Thursday (9am/7pm), Friday (10.30am/5.30pm) and Saturday (10am/4pm). Whilst this lender isn’t one of the most recognisable names on the circuit, they are experienced and they have crafted their website to a much higher standard than most rivals.