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Essex Car Company

The Essex Car Company was introduced to the UK public through the “The Dealership” Channel 4 documentary that has helped to boost this used car dealer’s web popularity. I haven’t personally watched the program and so will be studying the service based on their web presence alone. This brand is the creation of Concept Finance Ltd who were incorporated in May 2007. The registration of followed in 2008. There is one single showroom located in Rainham (Essex). There is some confusion with the stock level since they note having 200 cars on one page and 300 on another. On the internal search these are split across 18 manufacturers.

Our aim was to pick out the details of the current finance options offered by them. On the central financing page they make a clear reference to “Credit Problems” although they don’t dig into any specifics. The available agreements, the costs and the terms are not disclosed. On the homepage they mention such lenders as Barclays, MotoNovo and Santander being used. Perhaps their panel is larger though since non of these companies are willing to consider bad credit that is actively promoted here. When you browse cars, the financing buttons for each model will take you back to the Credit Problems section where they are looking to take your lead.

If you do fill in an application here at then no encryption will be used. If you are perhaps a fan of the documentary and are interested in any of their stock then it would probably be best to head down to their showroom to move forward with organising finance. This dealership is open every day with the times from Monday to Saturday being 9am to 6pm and Sunday is 10am to 4pm. The Essex Car Company has a selection of quality cars stocked at any one time. There are a few luxury BMW and Mercedes models, but otherwise most of the range is set to suit most budgets.