Equita @ www.equita.co.uk


Equita has always stood clear as one of the premier names in commercial recovery. This popular agency headed in Northampton trades online through www.equita.co.uk that was setup in 1999. They use E PayCapita for payments, but we have referenced their main site today that will be detailed further below. This agency is owned by Capita Plc. Capita who have enjoyed significant growth over the years recently acquired IQor who are a moderately popular collection agency. Equita Ltd has a qualified bailiff team that collects Council Tax arrears, unpaid parking fines etc. The hold CSA membership and this covers all of the required services that they participate in.

The debt collectors discussed here are usually measured by their rankings factoring total market share. Equita floated around the 40th mark that is very impressive when you consider that commercial debts are being specifically targeted. Other big enforcement firms such as Bristow and Sutor and Newlyn Plc ranked in the 70s that shows how well this featured DCA has performed. One notable contract worth mentioning here has been Capita’s lengthy contract in place with Transport for London. It is this agency that has been handed the enforcement responsibilities of the congestion charge that as you can imagine generates big business and so they will be hoping to keep this going.

On the site now it is mentioned that they are stretching to offer High Court Enforcement services that is a further development moving forward. The industry feedback for them has always been highly supportive. Payments are securely taken through E PayCapita (www.e-paycapita.com), but to complete a payment you will have to visit a specific long URL on a subdomain. This is best reached by clicking through the button on www.equita.co.uk. The website design could do with an overhaul when you consider that this is one of the top enforcement agencies. Their support team can be contacted on 0844 5618807 if you wish to reach them.