EPaydays and Sonic Pay

Sonic Pay

EPaydays and Sonic Pay are the creations of Revnet LLC who are based in the States with offices in both Florida and New Jersey. These two brands in focus were each launched back in 2011. Revnet have been very busy locally with other owned brands including Green Payday, Monga and UK Payday Loans. There are various others, but with many of these the domains had expired. EPaydays is their prize asset found at www.epaydays.co.uk. This is their most popular release although some of this popularity may be associated with the similar named EPayday company. Here you can access same day loans between £200 and £750.

The representative cost breakdown displays as £29.50 per £100. I like the design of this website, although it is essentially just a minimal landing page with the primary aim to collect the lead. They do at least encrypt every application taken there. The Sonic Pay loans are structured a little differently at www.sonicpay.co.uk that is another vibrant looking service from Revnet. Here you can quickly apply for sums of £50 to £1000 with a much more extensive repayment range being presented. Other than being able to pick out between 5 and 30 days, you can additionally select instalment blocks of 1, 2 or 3 months.

The same basic cost is displayed at £29.50 per £100. They do again use encryption and this site is fitted with more content than found at EPaydays. For both of the companies discussed, there is never any lender details disclosed. At Sonic, with added variety in the repayment terms it may be the case that their panel includes short term lenders like Peachy.co.uk. With the 2011 formation year, this broker has been competing for a good while now and these featured brands have attracted some popularity. This is despite not actively advertising on the web and there doesn’t appear to be an active affiliate scheme employed by them.