Ekspres Kasa Polska @ www.ekspreskasa.pl

Ekspres Kasa Polska

Ekspres Kasa (translates to Express Checkout) is the Polish offering from the Ferratum Group served at www.ekspreskasa.pl. The owner that arises from Finland covers more worldwide destinations than any other credit provider. They did note being active in 20 countries, although this is now 18 since they have pulled out of Belgium and Slovenia. For Ekspres Kasa Polska, a new customer can receive 100 to 400 zł. 100 is available for 15 days, 200 to 300 brings in 30 days and 400 can be selected over 15, 30 or 60 days. In time it is possible to receive 2000 that would have a set 60 day term.

The cost of a loan of 500 would be 165 over the month (only return clients can access this amount). Once approved and when you have placed 0.01 to authorise your account (later refunded), the cash could be received quickly. This was headed as taking an hour, but they state that they have enhanced the speed and can now get the funds to you in just 10 minutes. Each applicant must be aged at 21 or above. They always have age restrictions like this in place as seen in their UK Service. Such applications are processed between Monday and Friday from 9am to 9pm and on Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

You can manage these microloans once securely logged into www.ekspreskasa.pl. It would be recommended to request funds from your computer since SMS requests from your phone attract charges at the amount of 0.62 each. The Ekspres Kasa loans do not include any 0% introductory deals for new customers and so it won’t be easy for them to compete with the leading names. There is no doubt that the Ferratum Group earns high praise for their vast international coverage. This is set to increase considerably in the years ahead as well. They state on their corporate website that they are soon hoping to trade in over 50 countries.