Different Money @ www.differentmoney.co.uk

Different Money

Different Money is the new name that has replaced MyMate. This rebrand took place in 2014 with MyMate itself only being launched in 2013 and so it was a surprise to see a change like this occur. I did think that they carried out a great job on the branding of the original company, but the newer offering is also catchy. The new product available at www.differentmoney.co.uk spans between 2 and 12 months. New and returning customers have instant access to the same available cash sums that starts at £150 and stretches as high as £2500. Different Money loans do however come with restrictions based on the amounts selected.

To provide an example, if £300 was selected then the limit would be 4 months and if £1000 was chosen then the repayment limit would stand at 9. As was the case with MyMate, the standard of www.differentmoney.co.uk has been crafted to a high standard with secure logins being equipped here. With pricing, for £300 over 3 months the cost would be £156.51. Over a year £1000 can’t be selected, but £2000 would cost £1849.84 (this would split as £924.92). Payouts are processed between Monday and Friday (8am to 8pm) and on Saturdays (9am to 1pm). There has been a change here since the previous Saturday time was 10am to 6pm.

The cost that we sampled above at £156.51 is an improvement compared to their past price at £172.41. If you may recall, there was a supporting guarantor option handed to those that failed their credit check. This option appears to have now been discontinued since it is no longer mentioned. The potential sum of £2500 has remained in place that I’m sure will help to attract new customers in. There is plenty of flexibility on offer and early settlements can be made. Whether this brand can emerge will have a lot to do with advertising where they will have to challenge big spending instalment lenders like Lending Stream and Satsuma Loans.