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Debt Recovery Plus

Debt Recovery Plus has made great strides forward in their early operational years. This company works online through the one web property at They are based in Dukinfield that lies in the region of Greater Manchester. As stated, this agency has developed well with them only setting up their business in 2009 that qualifies them as one of the newer DCAs around. Their web popularity has grown quickly for their age. This is more impressive when you consider that they are mostly associated with commercial debts whereby there isn’t as much volume to go after. The big business of course lies on the consumer side.

Their full size is not disclosed, with there just being a note that they employ 40 collection agents. This does sound quite low compared to their sector rivals. Debt Recovery Plus Ltd has two primary areas of expertise that includes firstly the collection of parking fines and secondly in property through commercial rents. They also list some other areas such as collecting for housing associations, nationwide solicitors and even Premier League football clubs. They do also work with financial companies that looks to be their single route to consumer collections. This is listed on their CSA page although as you can see they are more aligned to commercial.

They are also listed for Bailiff & Process Serving that is required for the type of services that they participate in. On a previous check some time back, they took the payments securely on a subdomain of On checking the site just now, they used a popup to take in payments and no SSL was in place for some reason. If you need to get hold of their customer support advisors then this can be done on the line of 0844 561 0965. The growth of Debt Recovery Plus has been impressive to witness and this is only expected to develop in the years ahead.