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Debit Card Loans

Debit Card Loans was a monthly direct lender that was active through This website was created in 2009, but when they were operating it was stated by them that they had been lending since 1984 that would have been through some kind of high street operation. The “Debit Card Loans” term is searched for frequently in the Google search engine. This is a generic term that isn’t particularly associated with this lender. With this in mind, their exact popularity was always unclear and I can’t recall seeing them advertised online. There was also no online discussions on the various consumer finance forums that is quite rare.

To cover their product, this Luton-based outfit provided a monthly payday loan. This service covered the amounts of £100 to £800, although they did make a reference that they would usually cut down new customers to smaller amounts. When it came to pricing, the interest was charged at £30 per £100 that was good price. However, if you wanted same day funding then this would have attached a £15 fee. You could freely just choose their slow funding if you could be patient for a few extra days. The domain did not include a customer login facility, but they did always use secure encryption.

This website is actually still up, although it just states that they are no longer trading there. Further to this a contact number is displayed for anyone who had an account there who still needs to clear their balance with them. They did operate between Monday and Friday only and they required all applicants to be aged above 21 years of age. I don’t think much effort was injected into advertising over their trading years. Since they do note roots of 1984 though, there may be more to this company than what is accessible online. There are no details surrounding what was the specific reason for the closure.