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Charles Hurst is the premier name for used cars in Northern Ireland carrying early roots of 1911. They use the branding, but they actually operate through the address of This company is one of the key divisions within the Lookers Group. What was interesting from studying search engine keyword data was that they are very close to Lookers when factoring overall popularity. They are much more popular than Taggarts that is the Group’s Scottish division. It is not clear how many showrooms have been built, but most are attached wall-to-wall at the Boucher Road Belfast address (this is a large 20 acre site).

The Specialist Car Division is notable where they have teamed up with the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari that would be helping their cause greatly. They also have partnerships with popular automakers such as Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall. We are of course interested in the finance offerings here. Unlike at the central company where the financing specs are hidden, it was good to see that breakdowns were provided here when scanning through the stock. They provided examples for HP and PCP agreements and there was often a Lease option. You could select between periods of 24 and 60 months. We picked a model at £10,000 taken over 48 months.

This 10k example had a charge of £3033.80 at 14.4% APR. The costs did often change across other cars that would likely be due to such factors as annual mileage, the model etc. You can’t apply through and so will have to head to a dealer. They don’t mention who offers the credit facilities. In regards to the Charles Hurst used cars, around 1400 could be searched for and there was a few hundred nearly new (the number for new vehicles wasn’t noted). Showroom times differ, but a few that we studied had the times of Monday to Thursday (9am/8pm), Friday (9am/5pm) and Saturday (9am/3pm).