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Fredrickson International (FredPay) @ www.fredpay.com

Fredrickson International (FredPay)

Fredrickson International is a popular debt collection agency that was created in the year 1992. This firm has been owned by the Interlaken Group Ltd over the years who also own SRJ Debt Recoveries. A recent development has seen Interlaken be acquired by the Lowell Group. This is a notable acquisition for Lowell who themselves are the 2nd largest consumer DCA in the UK. Fredrickson International rank as the 6th and so collectively Lowell could certainly now challenge Moorcroft Debt Recovery for that top spot. For this posting, we have referenced FredPay that is found at www.fredpay.com. This facility enables quick customer payments to be made.


Wescot Credit Services (PayWescot) @ www.paywescot.co.uk

Wescot Credit Services (PayWescot)

Wescot Credit Services is one of the top debt collection names in the industry. They are homed at www.wescot.co.uk that was created in 1997. For this post today we have referenced PayWescot at www.paywescot.co.uk. This is the customer payment website that was composed 10 years later in the year 2007. This agency has 650 staff members that are spread out across multiple locations. The main office is found in Hull whilst the others include Glasgow and Saltcoats. This DCA competes in a range of sectors today. They are for instance known to work with prominent banks, as well as telecom and utility companies.


Blair Oliver and Scott @ www.blairoliverscott.co.uk

Blair Oliver and Scott

Blair Oliver and Scott has been the UK’s most popular internal debt collection agency located at www.blairoliverscott.co.uk that was created in 2008. This website is currently down and so it is unclear whether this is a permanent move on their part. This introduction will stand anyway since it is important to cover a DCA that is as prominent as this one is. This popularity is highlighted by market data that shows that they were ranked #3 for total number of consumer debts chased up across the UK. Moorcroft was #1 and Lowell was #2, but each of these collects arrears covering an extensive range of creditors.


Motormile Finance UK (MMF) @ www.mmile.com

Motormile Finance UK (MMF)

Motormile Finance UK is one of the fastest growing debt collection agencies. They are a particularly interesting firm to discuss here since they are used by many big name payday lenders. This Leeds-based company that tends to use the abbreviation of MMF operates from the MMile address of www.mmile.com. This website was created in late 2009 and so they haven’t been around for that long, but they have been emerging quickly. We have begun introducing DCAs based on market data showing the highest number of accounts being chased. Motormile Finance aren’t showing up in these rankings at this time, but this is expected to change soon.


Lowell Financial @ www.lowell.co.uk

Lowell Financial

Lowell Financial is a major player in the recovery of consumer debts. Moorcroft Debt Recovery was introduced in a previous posting who were referenced as taking on more accounts than any other DCA. Lowell is the agency that ranked in the #2 spot that shows that they are sitting closely for market share. Whilst Moorcroft is based in Stockport, this company is based not too far away in the city of Leeds and there is another office situated in Preston. They have a corporate web address at www.lowellgroup.co.uk whilst www.lowell.co.uk has been created to take payments in. They have around 630 staff members.


Moorcroft Debt Recovery (MDRL) @ www.mdrl.co.uk

Moorcroft Debt Recovery (MDRL)

Moorcroft Debt Recovery was formed in 1985 and over the years they have emerged to become the leading name in the recovery of consumer debts across the UK. This agency is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd is abbreviated to MDRL that they use for www.mdrl.co.uk that takes payments from those in arrears. Aside of this, they also own the domain www.moordebt.com that details their company background and operations. This DCA has benefited from developing many creditor relationships since back in the 80s. Much of their focus is directed on the financial side that most commonly includes high street bank arrears.


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