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Credit Solutions (PayThisAccount) @ www.paythisaccount.com

Credit Solutions (PayThisAccount)

Credit Solutions will be introduced here that is part of Credit Solutions Holdings Ltd (CSHL). This owner has a few other collection brands behind them that includes Cougar Financial Services and Power2Contact. Each of these join the featured DCA as all being profiled through www.creditsolutions.co.uk. This trio also collects consumer payments through the same PayThisAccount website that can be reached at www.paythisaccount.com. Many debt collectors that have been previously discussed here have been involved in major acquisitions over the years and we have another one here. The company that got involved with this firm was Arvato AG and this took place in late 2010.


Direct Legal and Collections (MyDLC) @ www.mydlc.co.uk

Direct Legal and Collections (MyDLC)

Direct Legal and Collections (often addressed as DLC) is a consumer debt collection agency that is part of Hillesden Securities Ltd. The larger owner is the Faccenda Group who date back to 1962 and they are widely known for their work in the poultry industry. The corporate website has been setup at www.dlcuk.com and then there is also MyDLC that is found over at www.mydlc.co.uk that is where any customer in arrears can quickly pay them. The introduction of MyDLC is actually a recent development from this company who previously used Santander Bill Payment to collect all such customer payments on the web.


Mackenzie Hall @ www.mackenziehall.co.uk

Mackenzie Hall

Mackenzie Hall is one of the most well known debt collection agencies around. This Scottish firm based in Kilmarnock was setup in the year 2003. Customer payments are taken at www.mackenziehall.co.uk that has been referenced here and there is a separate company website that discloses their background info at www.mackenziehallgroup.com (edit: this is now closed) . This agency is relatively small in their size with just over 200 employees. Future expansion is expected to take place through the acquisition from Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc that was back in 2012. The arrears that are chased up here cover banking, telecoms and utilities. There has been a new focus in recent years though.


Reliable Collections (Home Shopping Direct) @ www.homeshoppingdirect.com

Reliable Collections (Home Shopping Direct)

Reliable Collections caters the internal arrears for the cluster of brands owned by J D Williams & Company Ltd that itself is controlled by N Brown Group Plc who are headed in Manchester. Information surrounding this agency can be found at www.reliable-collections.co.uk. A reference has also been made here for Home Shopping Direct that you will find at www.homeshoppingdirect.com. This is used specifically to take in payments and it is also used as a gateway to a selection of their owned companies. There is an extensive range that includes Ambrose Wilson, Fashion World, House of Bath, Jacamo, Marisota, Premier Man, Simple Be and so on.


Nationwide Debt Recovery (NDR Money) @ www.ndrmoney.com

Nationwide Debt Recovery (NDR Money)

NDR Money has been setup to collect the internal debt arrears of the Shop Direct Group. The full name of this agency is Nationwide Debt Recovery Ltd, although they use the name as referenced for their branding and website at www.ndrmoney.com. There are only just over 10 DCAs chasing up more accounts than this internal company. This is certainly a small operation with just 160 staff members taking calls. The reason for this prominence lies in the Shop Direct Group being one of the major shopping chains in the UK. This Liverpool-based owner is for instance in charge of Isme, K&Co, Littlewoods and Very who are all highly recognisable.


Robinson Way (Robway) @ www.robway.co.uk

Robinson Way (Robway)

The Robinson Way debt collection agency dates back to the year 1974 and so they are certainly one of the most experienced DCAs around. They are based in Salford with 200 staff members and around 900 staff who are making doorstep collections on a self-employed basis. Their company site is www.robinson-way.com and Robway is their customer site that you will find at www.robway.co.uk. As with many popular firms, working with financial creditors has always been paramount here. They have for instance worked with big banks that has included NatWest. Home shopping accounts, telecoms and utilities are further areas that they have worked within.


1st Credit Ltd @ www.1stcreditltd.com

1st Credit Ltd

1st Credit ranks as around the 10th busiest debt recovery agency for total accounts. They have been one of the surprise packages in this regard since they are much smaller than their counterparts with just 150 staff members working for their team. This company that is based in Reigate (Surrey) has been awarded as the “Compliance Team of the Year” at the Debt Collection Awards for four consecutive years. This just shows that they deserve to be up there with the best of them. The full company name of 1st Credit Ltd is used at www.1stcreditltd.com to take in debtor payments. Their company site is www.1stcredit.com.


Cabot Financial @ www.cabotfinancial.co.uk

Cabot Financial

Cabot Financial was formed back in 1998 and they trade solely from www.cabotfinancial.co.uk that is used both for corporate purposes and to also take in debtor payments. This is another collection agency with a promising future ahead. They have generally stood just within the top 10 of every such DCA for total debts, but a recent collaboration should help to push them up the ladder. This partnership has seen them team up with Apex Credit Management that has created CabotCM. They both still trade through their original companies, but now share resources between them. A split has been made between debt purchasing, contingency collections and customer tracing.


Capquest @ www.capquest.co.uk


Capquest is an experienced debt collection agency that has continued to progress in recent years, primarily due to the acquisition from TowerBrook Capital Partners. They were originally known as Capquest Debt Recovery, although they now just use the single name for their identity. They have also made changes to www.capquest.co.uk as a further move forward with the new design looking much more refined than the previous look. This is actually a corporate web address, but it has been covered here as their payments are taken on an outside subdomain that has no popularity attached to it. The main site also links directly to this page.


BCW Group (PayBCWOnline) @ www.paybcwonline.com

BCW Group (PayBCWOnline)

The BCW Group is an experienced debt collection firm that dates back to the year 1983. They may be recognisable to many through the Buchanan Clark and Wells name. They are owned by the Gothia Financial Group who themselves were acquired in 2013 by Arvato AG. This company is in charge of the Credit Solutions agency and so they do have the required market experience to support them moving forward. The BCW corporate site was found at www.bcwgroup.com, but this has now been taken down. We have referenced PayBCWOnline that is still active. This is found at www.paybcwonline.com and this is used to collect customer payments.


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